About EMGO

Welcome to the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research.

The EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research (EMGO+) is one of the interfaculty research institutes of the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam. In EMGO+ researchers from three faculties (the VU University Medical Center, the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, and the Department of Health Sciences from the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences) have joined forces, aiming to further improve public and occupational health, primary care, rehabilitation and long-term care, by means of multi- and interdisciplinary research.

Our activities predominantly deal with research in primary care and public health, focusing on chronic diseases and ageing. It concerns multidisciplinary applied research with a strong emphasis on health outcomes relevant to individuals in the extramural setting. The research projects are grouped in four consistent programmes: Lifestyle, Overweight and Diabetes, Mental Health, Quality of Care,
and Musculoskeletal Health. Our dual aim is to excel on criteria for scientific quality as well as on criteria for societal relevance.

Prof. Willem van Mechelen, MD, PhD, director

EMGO+/ Amsterdam Public Health research institute