Quality and scientific relevance

Quality and scientific relevance

Although not perfect, journal impact factors provide an international benchmark to test the quality of the scientific output of the institute. With help of the VUmc METIS officer, we obtained the relative impact factors of all journals in which we publish using Thomson Reuter’s journal citation reports (JCR) table. This table assigns all journals to a number of domains and computes the relative ranking of the journal within its own domain. All EMGO+ publications were then classified by the rank order of the journal as belonging to the top 10% or top 25% in their respective domain. We then counted the number of publications in top 10% and top 25% for the entire institute and each of the four programs. As shown in table 5, more than a quarter of our publications is in the top 10% of its field and another 55% belongs to the top 25%.

Refereed articles 1263 239 506 311 207
Top 10% impact factor 338 (27%) 55 (23%) 137 (27%) 65 (21%) 81 (39%)
Top 25% impact factor 700 (55%) 133 (56%) 296 (58%) 148 (48%) 123 (59%)

Table 5 - Total number of refereed publications in 2015 and proportion in top 10% and top 25% journals in the relevant research field, for the institute and per research program

[last modified May 24, 2016]