Research area

1       Mission and Objectives

The current EMGO+ mission is to generate, conduct and publish excellent research of international standing to improve public and occupational health, mental health care, primary care, rehabilitation and long-term care.

In the above fields, the EMGO+ Institute’s objectives are to:

  • Strengthen the evidence-base for the current practice in prevention and care
  • Perform cutting-edge research to innovate prevention and care
  • Develop new methodology in study design, instrumentation and analyses
  • Provide advanced education and training for researchers and researcher-practitioners

EMGO+ studies include observational research and intervention studies and are always focused on health outcomes to enable the promotion of evidence-based medical practice. Many studies are either executed within large population-based cohorts or in public health and extramural medical practice settings, such as general practices, specialized mental health care organizations, residential homes for the elderly, nursing homes, schools, worksites and occupational health care settings. In addition, a variety of intramural studies are conducted on organization, safety, effectiveness and quality of care in the hospital.

Research programs

All research projects carried out at EMGO+ are embedded in one of our four research programs, three of which link to the main burdens of disease in the Netherlands as well as internationally:

whereas projects in the fourth program

focusses on how to optimize physician-patient communication and decision making, increase patient participation, and on how to improve the safety of care in the above mentioned disease areas as well as in cancer.

[last modified July 23, 2015]