From EMGO+ to Amsterdam Public Health

Date published: December 31st, 2017

From EMGO+ to Amsterdam Public Health

Vibrant times have arrived. The VU Medical Center is on the verge of a merger with Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) which will result in the largest university medical center in the country. Forerunning the full merger of care, education, specialist training, research and administration of the two medical centers, EMGO+ has entered a new evolution phase by merging its research community with >500 researchers of the AMC to build the Amsterdam Public Health research institute.

The four EMGO+ research programs will, together with the relevant AMC departments, merge into eight new research programs: Health Behaviors & Chronic Diseases, Mental Health, Societal Participation & Health, Global Health, Aging & Later Life, Quality of Life, Personalized Medicine and Methodology.

From now on we will include our activities in the Amsterdam Public Health as much as possible. At the same time we will properly complete all ongoing activities within the EMGO+ institute in 2017. Hence the EMGO+ website will remain accessible and our project database and personal pages will remain hosted at the EMGO+ server until a migration towards the APH website can be fully realized.

Relevant documents regarding Amsterdam Public Health

Latest version project plan Amsterdam Public Health (update Sep 2016)

The formation of this Amsterdam Public Health research institute and its research programs is outlined in the draft project plan. The most recent version of this project plan can be find on this webpage:

Download the latest version (September 2016) (pdf) >>


Guideline Affiliations APH research institute document

We ask all VUmc, AMC, VU and UvA colleagues of the Amsterdam Public Health research institute to add ‘Amsterdam Public Health research institute’ (in Dutch publications: ‘Amsterdam Public Health onderzoeksinstituut’) as additional affiliation in publications as of January 1st, 2017. This will improve our brand awareness and recognition of the scientific and societal efforts of Amsterdam Public Health.

Download the Guideline Affiliations APH document >>

Website Amsterdam Public Health

Gradually, we are migrating all the information from the EMGO+ website towards the APH website. Due to the early stage we are in, this might result in some (technical) restrictions, our hands are tied. Nonetheless, we are trying to answer your question regarding the APH website as good as possible.



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