STIP grant for VU/VUmc: “Improving diabetes medication care”

Date published: March 6th, 2017

STIP grant for VU/VUmc: “Improving diabetes medication care”

ZonMw awarded Jacqueline Hugtenburg (Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy, VU University Medical Center) and Marcel Adriaanse (Health Sciences, VU) a STIP grant of €125.000. Goal of their awarded research is to improve diabetes medication care in the daily practice of general practioners and pharmacists.  

Up to 40% of the type 2 diabetes patients fail to derive optimal benefit from therapy because of medication non-adherence. Despite the availability of various effective interventions to improve adherence, they are rarely used in daily practice. The main reasons for not using these interventions are the non-optimal collaboration and communication between health care providers and the many diverse reasons of patients not to adhere to the prescribed treatment. Hugtenburg and Adriaanse will further investigate the causes of noncompliance, develop a protocol/intervention, and test and evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness in practice. The project is designed in a digital manner within the existing electronic databases of participating health care providers. The primary aim is improve diabetes medication care in general practices and pharmacies. The expected outcomes are an improved protocol, improved self-management of diabetes medication use by the patient, and enhanced blood glucose levels on the long term.

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