Lifestyle, Overweight and Diabetes

The pathophysiologies of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases share at least two major factors: physical inactivity and obesity. The programme Diabetes and Overweight combines the expertise available within EMGO and across the VU campus on lifestyle-related health risks and disease prevention. more »

Mental Health

This programme, an interdisciplinary collaboration of general practice, nursing-home medicine, clinical psychology, and psychiatry (covered by various departments at both the VU and the VUmc), concentrates on common mental disorders (CMDs). CMDs include depression, anxiety disorders, stress-related disorders, and dementia. more »

Quality of Care

Long, healthy lives are the ultimate goal of the Quality of Care research programme. In contrast to EMGO’s other three, disease-specific, research programmes, Quality of Care focuses on preventing disease before it even starts and on helping patients deal with generic problems that arise in the course of chronic illness. more »

Musculoskeletal Health

Approximately 3 million out of the 16 million people living in the Netherlands – nearly one in five- suffer from musculoskeletal symptoms. Their incidence and prevalence are expected to increase rapidly as the population ages and people have more unhealthy lifestyles.  more »