A-CaRe (Alpe d HuZes Cancer Rehabilitation) Program (WC2008-000)

A-CaRe (Alpe d HuZes Cancer Rehabilitation) Program


Starting date: 01/05/2009

Recent advances in diagnoses and treatment of cancer have led to improved survival rates. Cancer care, however, does not end at the primary treatment and initial follow up. During and after treatment, many cancer patients and survivors report complaints, such as fatigue, reduced physical functioning, and reduced quality of life. Several studies have reported that fatigue affects up to 70% of patients during treatment. Even years after the treatment, fatigue is still a major problem for up to 30% of cancer survivors and has a great impact on the quality of life. Reducing fatigue and improving physical functioning and quality of life requires a good rehabilitation program.

Previous studies showed that aerobic and resistance exercise are potentially effective therapy for many of the physiological side effects as well as fatigue or coping with fatigue and quality of life. Improved fitness may lead to lower feelings of fatigue and higher quality of life. However, evidence based programs and guidelines specifically developed for cancer patients and survivors are lacking. To develop, implement and evaluate rehabilitation programs for specific cancer patients and survivor groups, the Alpe d’HuZes Cancer Rehabilitation (A-CaRe) program was launched.