About Triple-E (EMGO+eHealth+Excellence)

Triple-E (‘EMGO+eHealth+Excellence’) is an ambitious initiative to strengthen the leading position of the Netherlands in the field of eHealth. Triple-E wants to improve the accessibility, quality and cost effectiveness of the (mental) health care for patients through the use of innovative ICT and improve multi-disciplinary collaboration. This means prevention, treatment and tailored care preferably in the natural environment of the patient, and with the patient in control. Triple-E uses innovative digital technologies, such as virtual reality for phobias, serious gaming for post-traumatic stress and mobile apps for self-management of chronic depression. Triple-E is an initiative of EMGO+, a research institute wherein VUmc, VU and GGZ inGeest closely collaborate in the field of research and implementation.

Triple-E presents the Amsterdam metropolitan region as a leading international eHealth knowledge network, and the Amsterdam Zuidas as a European core area of ​​multi-disciplinary scientific research and economic eHealth activities. The Netherlands may strengthen this ambition of cost-tailored care and its leading position in the field of eMental-Health thanks to the efforts of the researchers connected within Triple-E. This leading position of The Netherlands is not only shown by the large number of (inter)national scientific publications and current research projects: The Netherlands is also world leader in the implementation of eMental-Health in health care practice. eMental-Health is also prominently reflected in policy objectives and actions of relevant stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Health, health insurers and innovative industrial partners.

In 2013, a number of extensive European Triple-E research projects on the ‘blended’ treatment of depression (i.e. combining Internet with face to face treatments) have been honored. An example is E - Compared, the European Comparative Effectiveness Research on the Treatment of Depression Online. Within this project, twelve European countries collectively participate and this will be the largest trial to the (cost) effectiveness of depression treatment in daily practice. Triple-E chairwoman professor Heleen Riper, PhD: "Our ambition is to connect research and practice in order to adequately implement eHealth innovations, that have proven to be (cost) effective, in healthcare. Collaboration also means to prevent people fromreinventing the wheel, and focusing on innovation and the sustainability thereof. Through eHealth, patients gain more control over their own treatment, and qualitative tailored and adequate (mental) health care that better suits their needs."

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