RAI database

InterRAI database

InterRAI is an international collaborative to improve the quality of life of vulnerable persons through a seamless comprehensive assessment system. Our consortium strives to promote evidence-informed clinical practice and policy decision making through the collection and interpretation of high-quality data about the characteristics and outcomes of persons served across a variety of health and social services settings.

Although each instrument in the interRAI suite has been developed for a particular population, they are designed to work together to form an integrated health information system. interRAI instruments all share a common language, that is, they refer to the same clinical concept in the same way across instruments. Using common measures enables clinicians and providers in different care settings to improve continuity of care and to integrate care/supports for each individual. Common language also empowers families, advocates, and payers to track the progress of program participants across settings.

As an organization, interRAI maintains high standards for the quality of measures used in our instrument systems. Each version of a system represents the results of rigorous research and testing to establish the reliability and validity of items, outcome measures, assessment protocols, case-mix algorithms, and quality indicators.

Dutch InterRAI

VUmc hosts the Dutch interRAI databases since 1997 which consist in about 20.000 unique persons and 80.000 observations, spread over long term care facilities, home care and general practice. All instruments collect information on daily, physical, mental, cognitive, social, medical functioning, care goals and resource use. The number of items per instrument ranges from 110 (Acute Care) to 250 (Long Term Care Facilities).

VUmc participates in several EU projects that concern interRAI data. Persons interested to perform secondary data analyses can contact Dr. Hein van Hout who is fellow and national coordinator. More information can be found on www.interrai.org and www.nedrai.org, and Data Issuing Policy of VUmc interRAI databases.

Contact information

Dr. Hein van Hout who is fellow and national coordinator: hpj.vanhout@vumc.nl