Sustainable prevention of obesity through integrated strategies (WC2011-071)

Sustainable prevention of obesity through integrated strategies


Starting date: 01/03/2012

The prevalence of overweight and obesity in Europe is high and contributes to the burden of many chronic diseases, especially within groups of lower social-economic status. Obesity is largely determined by modifiable lifestyle behaviours such as low physical activity, sedentary behaviour and high caloric intake. There is growing evidence that influences on individuals and their lifestyle should not only be addressed in single-level interventions that focus on a distinct individual, social or environmental aspect, but rather in community-based approaches that integrate individual, community, organisational, and societal levels. 

By providing a perspective for obesity prevention the project will support the development and implementation of effective obesity prevention approaches by local authorities, public health and other practitioners. This perspective will maximise the use of state of the art knowledge and will help policy makers to invest necessary resources in the most effective long-term prevention efforts. In addition, it will provide a stimulus for health scientists to explore further study possibilities to reduce (the burden of) obesity and flatten the social gradient associated with it.