Research projects

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SAD: The effect of dialectical behaviour therapy in autism spectrum patients with suicidality and/or self destructive behaviour 2018
Collaborative care for treatment resistant schizophrenia 2018
ZEEF: assessing executive functions in daily life 2018
Promoting the healthy sexual development of adolescents in Amsterdam 2017
SUPRANET Community 2017
Brain train 2017
GRIP: GGZ inteRvention In Prevention of suicidal behavior 2017
DOBi: Dutch Older Bipolar Patients. Bipolar disorder in late life. 2017
Actieonderzoek Vrijheidsbeperking 2017
The APT-study: Adolescents' Preferences for Treatment of depressive symptomatology 2017
Prayer in later life: patterns over time, functioning and coping 2016
0-Phobia: towards a virtual cure for specific phobias 2016
Effectiveness of a prenatally implemented parenting support intervention on preventing postpartum parental distress and enhancing infant well-being 2016
The short revised Child Anxiety and Depression scale (RCADS-25) 2016
Maximising patient empowerment in a redesigned intake process using eHealth: a cluster randomised controlled trial in specialised mental health care. 2016
The implementation and impact of the suicide prevention action network (SUPRANET) in fourteen mental healthcare institutions in the Netherlands 2016
INDUCT: interdisciplinary network for dementia utilising current technology 2016
PReDicT: Randomised, open label, multi-centre, parallel-group, controlled study investigating the effects of using the eH-ETB to guide the antidepressant treatment of depressed patients 2016
The cost-effectiveness of exergaming 2016
Intensive Specialized Autism Care study (ISAC study) 2016
Meeting Centers 3.0 2016
CBD-study 2016
Psychological factors and the initiation of cancer 2015
The Self-Control Strength Model of Family Violence within a genetically informative design 2015
Tablet-based support for older adults with recurrent depressive or bipolar disorders: A feasibility study of the eCare@Home system in routine outpatient practice. 2015
Genetic and Lifestyle Origins of inflammation in Depression (GLOID) 2015
The development and testing of an evidence based intervention program for Familie FACT 2015
Shared Decision Making in mental health care using Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) as a source of information 2015
ACTION: Agression in Children: Unraveling gene-envirenment interplay to inform Treatment and InterventION strategies 2015
Patient experiment in bipolar disorder 2015
Victimization in depressed patients 2015
OPTIN-D: Optimizing Patient-relevant outcomes with Toujeo (insulin glargine 300 U/ml) IN routine diabetes care. 2015
I-sleep: online CBT for insomnia 2015
E-care for caregivers: online self-management intervention for caregivers of depressed patients 2014
Frequency and change mechanisms of psychotherapy among depressed patients: a multicenter randomized trial? 2014
Overtreatment with antidepressant medication. Why? A qualitative study. 2014
Considered reduce of the use of restraint in care for people with intellectual disabilities 2014
Alleviating the devastating consequences of high-conflict divorces: an examination of risk factors and the effectiveness of the intervention No Kids in the Middle? 2014
Reducing suicidal ideation among Turkish migrants in the Netherlands and in the UK: Effectiveness of an online intervention 2014
Evaluation of an implementation strategy for individual Placement and Support for adults with severe mental illness 2014
Effectivity of Non-Violent Resistance in (semi-) residential youth care 2014
MUPS: The relation between medically unexplained physical symptoms and return to work after long term sickness absence. 2014
BIONIC: Biobank Netherlands Internet Collaboration: proof of principle for major depressive disorder 2014
CIPRUS (Cognitive-behavioural Intervention in Primary care for Undifferentiated Somatoform disorder) 2014
Mental health problems in patients with pulmonary hypertension: burden and need for support 2014
Reducing Parental Stress and Parental Stress Transmission: Evaluating the Effects of a Parenting Intervention in Pune, India. 2014
Higher quality of life for people with dementia by client-centred use of applications 2014
Meetingdem: adaptive implementation and validation of the MCSP programme for people with dementia and their carers in Europe 2014
National implementation of the Alzheimer program in Dutch musea 2014
Vocational rehabilitation for severe mental illness. 2014
Blended versus face-to-face CBT for major depression in specialized mental health care 2014
Bright light treatment for better mood and metabolic control 2014
E-COMPARED: European Comparative Effectiveness Research on Internet-based Depression Treatment 2014
Personality and late-life depression 2013
Neurobiological dysregulation in chronic pain. 2013
Effects of VIPP-V training 2013
Unraveling heterogeneity of depression (HETODEP) 2013
Guided self-help course on the internet for turkish migrants with depression: a radomised controlled trial (WC2010-021) 2013
Screening and treatment of psychological distress in colorectal cancer with metastasized disease: the TES-trial. 2013
Guides to social participation 2012
Social information processing skills in youth with mild to borderline intelligence 2012
Treatment of bipolar disorder in the Netherlands and concordance with treatment guidelines 2012
Child sexual abuse and family relations 2012
Risk assessment and neurosciences in the pre-trial report setting for juveniles 2012
DIVERS: Depression and outcomes in dialysis patients with various ethnicities and races study 2012
The addition of STEPPS in the treatment of patients with bipolar disorder and comorbid borderline personality features 2012
MOTAR study: MOod Treatment with Antidepressants or Running 2012
The effect of sleep disturbance during pregnancy and perinatal period on postpartum psychopathology in women with bipolar disorder and/or a history of postpartum psychosis. 2012
Demental Experience 2011
Program development of a group intervention for women and their young children ( age 1-7 ) exposed to domestic violence. 2011
What are the causes of low participation rates in preventive 2011
The phenomenon of HIV-related psychosis in mothers and its role in mother-child attachment. 2011
The effects of parental components in a trauma focused cognitive behavioral based therapy for children exposed to interparental violence. 2011
CoMPaS: Collaborative dementia care, Strengthening and evaluation of early transitions 2011
The effects and costs of preventive cognitive therapy plus usual care for remitted primary care patients with major depression versus usual care. 2011
Cost-effectiveness of internet-based guided self-help for depressive disorders in specialized mental health care: a randomized controlled trial. 2011
Electroconvulsive therapy can increase brain derived neurotrophic factor serum levels to enhance the neurorestorement of the hippocampus 2011
D-cycloserine (DCS) enhancement of exposure therapy in panic disorder with agoraphobia: a randomized controlled trial 2010
A pilot study on the effectiveness of the life review therapy Dear Memories in depressed palliative head- and neckcancer patients. 2010
An internet based intervention for sleeping problems. 2010
(Cost-)Effectiveness of a guided-self help internet-based intervention for employees with depressive symptoms: a randomized trial 2010
Generations2: How pregnant woman prepare for motherhood 2010
Parental psychopathology in children with psychiatric symptoms 2010
Genetic influences on autonomic nervous system activity and the pro-inflammatory state: the moderating role of mental health status 2009
Collaborative care for dementia patients and their caregivers in primary care, a pilot study 2009
MASTER study: The efficacy of a CBT relapse prevention program for remitted anxiety disorder patients who discontinue antidepressant medication 2009
PAINDIP: Depression and pain 2009
ROSETTA - Guidance and Awareness Services for lndependent Living 2009
Intercultural module added to the treatment guidelines of depressive and anxiety disorders for Moroccan and Turkish patients. 2009
Evaluation of the Veder method: the use of theatre in psychogeriatric care 2009
Development of a self report instrument for assessing suicidality among adolescents 2009
Intervention for Moroccan children with behavioral problems: evaluation of an intervention and proposal for implementation 2009
A Training Program for People with Dementia and their Family Caregivers 2009
The effectiveness of Activity Scheduling as a nursing intervention in inpatient depressed elderly 2009
The effectiveness of a psycho-educational program for child witnesses and victims of domestic violence 2008
What Works for parents with intellectual disabilities? 2008
Biomarkers of depression; biological factors that influence onset and course in late life. 2008
NOCDA: The Netherlands OCD association Study: Identifying risk factors for chronicity in the course of obessive compulsive disorder 2008
NESDO: the Netherlands Study on Depression in Older persons 2006
NESDA: The Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety 2002