Research projects

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Physical Activity and Dietary intervention in OVArian cancer (PADOVA): a RCT evaluating effects on body composition, physical function and fatigue 2017
“Who me?! I thought you ‘d never ask”. Listening and analyzing behaviours with regard to injury prevention in an elite sport context 2016
Chloroprocaine vz. prilocaine for spinal anaesthesia in day-case surgery: a double-blind randomized trial 2016
Non-specific neck pain: To match or not to match? 2016
Percutanuous transforamial endoscopic discectonomy (PTED) vs. open microdiscectonomy for patients with lumbar disc herniation 2016
Stratified care in knee osteoarthritis: a pilot study to explore feasability and outcome of tailored interventions in primary care 2016
PALM studie 2015
PERCEPT study 2015
The interrater reliability of a classification algorithm and clinical shouldertests in patients with a subacronomial impingement syndrome 2015
Effectiveness of manual therapy compared to usual care by the general practitioner for migraine: a pilot study 2015
Reducing sedentary behaviour among office workers; the development and evaluation of an implementation strategy around the optimal use of sit-stand workstations 2015
Prevention of sports injuries on the field 2015
An innovative care model to improve (cost) effectiveness of outpatient care for traumapatients with one or more fracture(s) 2015
Use of IPD meta-analysis to inform effective management of spinal manipulative therapy for patients with chronic low back pain 2015
SHAPE study: Nutritional needs and physical function in community dwelling geriatric outpatients to counteract sarcopenia and ultimately preserve daily function 2015
Development of a screening tool for the measurement of positive health 2015
Effect of a soft brace on knee pain, knee stability and activity limitations in patients with knee osteoarthritis 2015
Improvement of the prevention of long term sick leave due to low back pain: from an individual prediction to a tailored treatment 2015
METRIC studie 2014
The effect of high-resistance muscle strength training and vitamin D supplementation in persons with knee osteoarthritis 2014
The cost-effectiveness of a patient and professional based multimedial campaign as innovative implementation strategy to improve low back pain guideline adherence. 2013
Establishing a research agenda for chiropractic in Europe 2012
Problem analysis for development of an implementation strategy in patients with neck pain in primary care 2012
MinT: Cost-effectiveness of minimal interventional procedures for patients with chronic low back pain 2012
Disabling fatigue in multiple sclerosis occurs frequently. How should it be treated? 2011
Implementation of a multidisciplinary patient-centered stepped-care approach for osteoarthritis, Beating OsteoARTHritis (BART), using a care booklet 2011
REALISE: Rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery. 2011
Integrated care intervention for workers with rheumatoid arthritis using an innovated system approach. A randomised controlled trial. 2011
From rationing to rationality: an n-of-1 trial service for off-label medicines for rare (neuromuscular) diseases 2010
A-CaRe project 1: Effectiveness of exercise after chemotherapy on physical fitness, fatigue and quality of life: a randomized controlled trial 2010
Het voeten project 2010
patient expectations and treatment outcome 2010
Salt Osteoporose Studie 2010
A multifaceted strategy to implement the NVAB-guideline for prevention of work related skin problems among health care workers. A randomised controlled trial and cost effectiveness evaluation 2010
Physical exercise to improve fitness and combat fatigue after high dose chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplantation: a randomized clinical trial. 2010
Ankles Back in Control 2010
BeNe chiropractic cohort study: role of the psychosocial factors in patients with neck and low-back pain 2009
A-CaRe (Alpe d HuZes Cancer Rehabilitation) Program 2009
A-CaRe Study 4. Quality of Life in Motion (QLIM): A combined physical exercise and psychosocial training program to improve physical fitness in children with cancer 2009
Splint: The efficacy of night splinting in children with cerebral palsy, a randomised controlled trial 2009
Measurement properties of disease-specific questionnaires in patients with neck pain: a systematic review 2009
STABILO: a randomised controlled trial of knee joint stabilisation therapy in osteoarthritis of the knee 2008
B-PROOF:Vitamin B 12 and Folic Acid Supplementation for Preventing Fractures in Elderly People 2008
JUST LIKE THE FILM: development of a computer-animation questionnaire to better measure functional limitations of patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis 2008
Classification Algorithm for Low Back Pain (CABP) 2008
BRIDGE Project: Multidisciplinary outpatient care program for patients, sick listed due to chronic low back pain. A randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation.  
COSMIN consensus-based standards for the selection of health status measurement instruments  
The effectiveness of a tailor-made intervention aiming at a healthy lifestyle of construction workers.  
IDEAL Interculturalisation: Diagnostic Evaluation with Ethnic minority patients with Low back disabilities  
Project STEP-UP: Participatory interventions for return-to-work for temporary agency workers and unemployed workers, sick listed due to musculoskeletal disorders. A randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation.  
The Stay@Work study: Participatory Ergonomics to prevent low back and neck pain among workers  
Study on the long term effects of SDR in children with a spastic diplegia  
Exercise therapy and comorbidity in osteoarthritis of the hip or knee: development and evaluation of treatment protocol (COOA)  
Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation in Chronic Widespread Pain: Predicting Treatment Outcome  
CHECK cohort: The course of physical functioning in early osteoarthritis of the knee and hip