Effectiveness and safety of care

Aims & scope

For a good quality of care, it is important that care is delivered in a (cost) effective and safe way.  Effective care is care that is attuned to patients’ needs and fulfills its goals against a reasonable price without wasting resources.  Safe care is care that minimizes the care related harm which results from poor or incorrect diagnosis or treatment due to suboptimal organizational or individual decisions. Research in this theme focuses on preventive care, as well as curative care and long term care and describes and monitors the quality and safety of care by using and developing specific quality indicators. Other projects are interventions aimed to improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of care by, e.g. improving the collaboration between health care professionals, by improving the organization of care, by the development and evaluation of best practices. Important for many projects is taking into account the patient perspective which is deemed necessary for being able to improve care in such a way that it increases patient satisfaction as well as clinical outcomes.