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Carlo  Schuengel

Schuengel was appointed as full professor at VU University Amsterdam in 1999, and has been director of the research program “Challenges for child rearing relationships”. Since 2007, he is head of the department of Clinical Child and Family Studies and Special Education, which employs about 50 fte of research and teaching staff. Previously, he has worked as assistant professor at Leiden University, Center of Child and Family Studies.

PhD in Social and Behavioral Sciences was obtained in 1997 at Leiden University on the dissertation “Attachment, Loss, and Maternal Behavior: A Study on Intergenerational Transmission” (cum laude), under the direction of profs M.H. van IJzendoorn and M.J. Bakermans-Kranenburg. In 1992, Schuengel completed his master of arts program at the same university (cum laude). 

Research interests
- Stress, attachment, and mental health
- Affective and cognitive aspects of caregiving
- Disordered attachment
- Populations at risk (intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, foster an institutional care, mental health problems)

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- Best Lecturer Faculty of Psychology and Education (2002)
- International Conference on Infant Studies (ICIS) Dissertation Award (1998)
- ISED International Article Award (1995)

Promotions (PhDs)

- 2015: Advisor M.M. Visser, A. Sharma, I. van Delft, M. Telman « Effectiveness of intervention for exposed to child abuse» (with prof dr. F. Lamers-Winkelman, dr. C. Finkenauer and Dr. J.C. de Schipper)
- 2015: Advisor R. Spies « Attachment and caregiving by mothers with HIV related psychosis» (with Dr P.S. Sterkenburg and prof dr E. van Rensburg)
- 2015: Advisor M. Hof « Susceptibility to intervention of teenage mothers with severe behavioral disturbance» (with Dr M. Oosterman and Dr. L. Kroneman) 
- 2015: Advisor M. Hof « Susceptibility to intervention of teenage mothers with severe behavioral disturbance» (with Dr M. Oosterman and Dr. L. Kroneman)
- 2014 : Advisor J. Wernand « Maternal psychopathology, parenting, and attachment » (with prof A.J. Beekman and Dr M. Oosterman)
- 2014 : Advisor F. Kunseler « Intergenerational transmission of caregiving in at risk mothers » (with Dr Oosterman)
- 2013 : Advisor M. Verhage « The role of mental representations of attachment in the transition to parenthood » (with Dr Oosterman)
- 2013 : Advisor S. Hissel « Mothers in detention and their children » (with profs Bijleveld and Van der Laan, Drs Oosterman, Eisinga)
- 2013 : Advisor B. Tierolf « Children exposed to domestic violence » (with prof dr F. Lamers-Winkelman)
- 2013 : Advisor L. Scholten «Effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioral based group intervention for children with chronic disease: A randomized controlled trial» (with (prof Last, Drs Willemen, Grootenhuis).
- 2013 : Advisor M. Overbeek « The effectiveness of a psycho-educational program for child witnesses and victims of Domestic Violence” (with prof Lamers-Winkelman, Dr De Schipper)
- 2012 : Advisor M. Hodes “Effectiveness of VIPP-SD for difficult learning parents”
- 2012 : Advisor M. Meppelder-De Jong “Working alliance and effectiveness of parenting support with difficult learning parents”
- 2012 : Advisor H. Giltaij “Disordered attachment in children with intellectual disability at risk”
- 2012: Advisor A. Theunissen “Professionele en gehechtheidsfactoren bij gezinsvoogden” (with prof. dr. N.W. Slot) 
- 2011 : Advisor M. Bonnet “Attachment and parenting style as moderators of stability of victimization in preschool children”

- 2011: Advisor J. van der Maas “Diagnostiek van ouderfunctioneren” (with prof. dr. J.W. Veerman)
- 2009: Advisor J. Voorman "Beloop en prognose van functionele status bij cerebrale parese (with prof. dr.. J. Becher, VUMC)
- 2008 : Advisor A. Willemen “Parent-child interaction, emotion regulation, and the development of psychopathology” (with prof dr. J.M. Koot)
- 2008: Advisor P.S. Sterkenburg “Integrative Therapy of Attachment and Behavior” (with Dr C.G.C. Janssen)
- 2008 : Advisor E.M. Merz “Intergenerational solidarity: An attachment perspective” (with prof dr H.J. Schulze)
- 2007: Advisor M. Zegers "Attachment among institutionalized adolescents: Mental representations, therapeutic relationships, and problem behavior" (with prof. Dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn, UL en co-advisor prof. Dr. J.M.A.M. Janssens, KUN)
- 2007: Advisor M. Oosterman "Attachment to foster parents"
- 2004: Co-Advisor C. Bokhorst “Behavior genetic study of attachment in twins” (with prof. Dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn and dr. M.J. Bakermans-Kranenburg, UL).
- 2003: Advisor M. Camodeca "Social information processing and bullying" (with prof. Dr. J.M. Koot en Dr. F. Goossens) 

Scientific functions
- Educational Psychology Subpanel chair FCT (Portuguese Science Foundation; 2009)
- Member program committee Victimization of psychiatric patients NWO (2008)
- Member certification committee Effective Youth Interventions NJI (2008-)
- Member granting committee Open Competition NWO (2007)
- Panel Database Effective Youth Intervention (2005-2007)
- Member scientific council ‘s Heeren Loo (review and advice on scientific research (2001 - )
- Raad van Hoogleraren Orthopedagogiek (secretaris 2001-2004)

- Chair curriculum committee ISED (2004-)
- Member VSNU-chamber Education (2001-2002)
- Chair curriculum committee Education VU (2004-2010)
- Chair Council Amsterdam Center for Child Studies (ACCS; VU 2005-2009) 
- Various curatoria and appointment committees

Memberships editorial boards
- associate editor Attachment and Human Development
- consulting editor Child Development
- Scientific board Wetenschappelijk Tijdschrift voor Autisme

Ad hoc review
- Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly
- Biological Psychology 
- British Journal of Developmental Psychology
- Child: Care, Health, and Development
- Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology
- Developmental Psychology
- Disability and Rehabilitation
- Drug and Alcohol Dependence
- European Journal of Developmental Psychology
- European Journal of Psychological Assessment
- FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology)
- FWO (Flemish Science Foundation)
- Journal of Adolescence
- Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
- Journal of Pediatric Psychology
- Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
- Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
- Leverhulme Trust
- Pedagogiek
- Pedagogische Studien
- Personal Relationships
- Social Development
- Tijdschrift voor Kindergeneeskunde
- Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
- Biennial meeting Society for Research in Child Development
- Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds
- NWO Veni, Vidi, Talent, Geestkracht, WOTRO, open competitie
- R. Casimir Instituut (Universiteit Leiden)
- Panel Databank Effectieve Jeugdinterventies
- Ds. Visscherprijs

Visiting professorships
- Universitat Erlangen,Entwicklungspsychologie (prof Spangler). June 2010
- University of Nottingham, Department of Rehabilitation and Aging (Dr. Jennifer Clegg). March 2008
- University of Reading, Winnicott research center (Dr. Pasco Fearon). November 2007
- KU Leuven, afdeling ontwikkelingspsychologie (prof dr. K. Verschueren). Mei 2007


h-index = 19 (April 2011; Harzing’s Publish or Perish) 


Lecturer within the bachelor and masters program Educational Sciences.

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