Personal information

Jennifer  Coffeng

Jennifer Coffeng was born in Amsterdam (1984), the Netherlands. After she graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2005, she continued studying at the faculty of Social Psychology. She finished her research master (two year) cum laude in Social Psychology in 2007. The same year she started with her master in Business Administration, which she finished in 2008.

Shortly after graduation, Jennifer started in the framework of the Balance@Work study (an occupational health guideline to prevent workers’ weight gain) at the EMGO+ institute for health and care research.

In October 2009, she started with her PhD at the EMGO+ institute within the department of Public and Occupational Health on the (cost-) effectiveness of a social and physical environmental intervention to improve the need for recovery among office employees. During her PhD, she attended the Postgraduate Epidemiology Program at the VU University Medical Centre. Throughout her PhD, she had two working visits abroad: (1) CEDAR institute (Centre for Diet and Activity Research) in Cambridge, United Kingdom and (2) Department of Clinical Psychology, in Valencia, Spain.

After her PhD, she started to work for the TANSNIP project which is a collaboration between Madrid CNIC, Banco Santander Madrid, Mount Sinai New York and VUmc Amsterdam (dept. public and occupational health). The project TANSNIP (2015-2020) investigates the cost-effectiveness of a 30-month worksite-based lifestyle program aimed to promote cardiovascular health in participants having a high or low level of subclinical atherosclerotic plaque burden compared to standard care (Trial registration: NCT02561065).


Research master in Social Psychology

Master in Business Administration

Postgraduate Epidemiology Program (Registered as epidemiologist B)

PhD from the faculty of Medicine VU University. Title: A Worksite Social & Physical Environmental Health Program (Defense date 28 October 2014)