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Mark van der Gaag

Mark van der Gaag


Mark van der Gaag is specialised in the research and treatment of psychosis. He is head of psychosis research of Parnassia bv in Den Haag en professor of Clinical Psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam.

Recently he is involved in research into prevention of a first psychotic episode in help-seeking people with an at risk mental state for developing a psychosis in near future.

Metacognitive processes and transdiagnostic cognitive processes are increaslingly important in the treament of disorders. Another research project targets to determine underlying cognitive processes and aims to change these processes by means of training awareness of these processes.

Research that is now under development is the treatment of trauma in people with a psychotic disorder and who fullfill the criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder with EMDR versus exposure therapy.

Another developing research project is to evaluate the use of Virtual Reality and online monitoring in the treatment of paranoia and anxiety disorders. Research collaboration is now being built with the Technical University Delft and Parnassia and PsyQ mental health centers. The aim is to reduce face-to-face time in therapy by introducing partial treatment modules on the internet.