Personal information

Lizette  Wattel

Lizette Wattel, MSc is coordinator of the UNO-VUmc and coordinator of the research group Geriatric Rehabilitation.

She worked as a physiotherapist in a nursinghome and studied Movement Sciences at VU University and Epidemiology at ApidM (VU University).

The UNO-VUmc (University Network of Organisations for Care for the Elderly of the VU University Medical Centre) is a network in which nursing home organizations co-operate with the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. The aim of this cooperation is to improve the care and treatment for elderly with complex care problems. The network is spread over the Northern, Middle and Western part of the Netherlands. Most of the 25 participating care organisations are centred in the regions around Amsterdam and Utrecht.

In the Netherlands there are more academic nursing home networks, and the collaboration between these networks is called SANO.

The research group Geriatric Rehabilitation is part of the department of General Practice & Elderly Care Medicine of VU University Medical Center. The research focusses on three themes:

  • Patient centeredness
  • Triage
  • Intensity of rehabilitation programs