Personal information

Max.L.Stek (MD, PhD) is professor of old age psychiatry at the department of psychiatry VUmc Amsterdam and Head of the Academic Department of Old Age Psychiatry of GGZinGeest Amsterdam, a mental health organization with a catchment area of  ca. 200.000 elderly people. He graduated as medical doctor in 1982 and received his psychiatrist registration in 1986, completed his thesis on the topic of late life depression in 2004 and was appointed as a full professor in 2010. Current topics of research include the phenomenology and pathophysiology of late life depression and its clinical treatment, especially the efficacy, safety and working mechanisms of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Bipolar disorder in the elderly is a further topic for research in the field of affective disorders. More recently Schizophrenia in Later Life has become an important research theme in our group. Last but not least, there is a close collaboration with the Department of Neurology, especially Alzheimer Centrum and the Department of Radiology of VUmc, on the topic of differential diagnosis in Fronto Temporal Dementia.