Personal information

Pieter  Coenen

My research focus is on the promotion of healthy work environments, in particular from the perspective of physical (in)activity and workload. My research includes epidemiological studies on the health consequences of work-related biomechanical exposure and physical (in)activity at work, development of risk assessment tools for (occupational) safety and health, work-site interventions for healthy work environments and systematic reviews on health effects of work-related factors and interventions. I currently hold a post-doctoral research position at the department of Public and Occupational Health (EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, VU University Medical Center), which I combine with and adjunct research position at Curtin University (Perth, Australia).

In 2009 I obtained my MSc degree at the faculty of human movement sciences (VU University, Amsterdam) after which I started my PhD program. In my PhD project I studied the aetiology of musculoskeletal pain in workers, which ultimately resulted in my thesis ‘On the origin of back pain’. In the meantime, I successfully finalized my epidemiological education, granting me the official title of ‘Epidemiologist’.

From 2014 to 2016, I have been working as post-doctoral researcher at Curtin University (Perth, Australia). In this period I have expanded my knowledge on human physical (in)activity, prevention and management of musculoskeletal pain and epidemiological research methodologies.

In my research career I have undertaken various international research endeavours, including visiting research roles at Gavle University (Gavle, Sweden) and Baker IDI (Melbourne, Australia), and a two-year post-doc position at Curtin University. Apart from my research, I have various teaching and supervising roles as well as editorial and reviewer tasks for (scientific) journals and committees.