Personal information

Teatske  Altenburg

Teatske Altenburg is an assistant professor at the Department of Public and Occupational Health at the Amsterdam Public Health research institute of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Her position is funded by the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw projectnr 91211057). 

Teatske her research is focused on measurement, determinants and mechanisms underlying the health consequences of these behaviours. In her work, she examines which behavioural patterns are associated with health, and how they can be improved to maximize child and teen health. Her research on measurement includes systematic reviews on measurement properties and validation studies of measurement instruments, both accelerometers and questionnaires. She is also working on optimal analyses of accelerometer data to measure physical activity and sedentary behaviour. To obtain insight in determinants and mechanisms of health effects of physical activity and sedentary behaviour, she applies different methodologies such as experimental research and research in collaboration with the target group.

Teatske obtained her PhD in 2008, on muscle activation during isometric and dynamic exerise; both at the Manchester Metropolitan University (May 2008) and the VU University Amsterdam (June 2008). She works at the VU University Medical Center since April 2010, in the section Child Health and Care Research.