Ongoing projects

Healthy Neighborhoods: In this project, in 12 neighborhoods in The Netherlands interventions will be co-created together with the residents to improve their health behaviors.

Sick of Sitting (SOS): SOS aims to assess the prospective and acute effects of different sedentary patterns on biomarkers of cardiometabolic function as well as the determinants of participation in sedentary behavior in youth. (

A physical activity measurement tool: This project aims to (1) develop a practical and user-friendly measurement tool to assess physical activity in children and (2) evaluate the of measurement properties of this measurement tool. As part of this project we aim to identify environmental determinants of physical activity at school playgrounds in 10-11 yr olds. (  

Kids in Action!: This project aims to develop, implement and evaluate interventions together with children as co-researchers, targeting children’s physical activity and dietary behaviors. (

Sequence mapping: This project aims to develop a sophisticated analysis tool to determine patterns of physical activity and sedentary behavior.

Core Outcome Set (COS) for childhood obesity prevention: This project aims to establish international consensus on a core outcome set in school-based obesity prevention trials. (

Lifestyle Innovations Based on youth’s Knowledge and Experience (LIKE): This project aims to develop, implement and evaluate intervention strategies together with adolescents as co-researchers, targeting adolescents’ healthy lifestyle. (

Accelerometer validation in preschoolers: Validation of accelerometers to assess sedentary behavior and physical activity in preschoolers during free-living activities.

SIMBA project: The SIMBA project aims to develop a game to stimulate physical activity in children with mild to severe asthma. (

MEchanisms of Training In Cancer (METRIC) study: METRIC is a pilot study exploring the role of the muscular, immune, and endocrine system in the exercise effect on fatigue during chemotherapy treatment in colon cancer survivors. (

The Physical Activity Levels in patients with Mamma-carcinoma (PALM) study: The PALM study aims to optimize the assessment of accelerometer-based physical activity and sedentary behavior of cancer survivors. (