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Neeltje   Batelaan

Neeltje Batelaan is psychiatrist and researcher, working as a staff member at the Psychiatry Department of VU-mc and GGZ inGeest, combining clinical work, research and educational activities. In a cooperation between GGZ inGeest and The Netherlands Institute for Mental Health and Addiction and the EMGO+ institute, she investigated the epidemiology of panic disorder, resulting in a PhD-thesis 'Panic and Public Health: diagnosis, prognosis and consequences' (January 2010). Now, her research focuses on the longitudinal course of anxiety disorders, relapse prevention, comorbidity of anxiety disorders, and interaction with somatic disorders. Additionally to her research, she is psychiatrist at the academic outpatient department of Anxiety disorders at GGZ inGeest, vice-chair of the Academic Working Place Anxiety Disorders, and chair of the scientific committee of GGZ inGeest.