Personal information

Peter van  Muijen

Peter van Muijen, MD,MSc ( Rotterdam 1961) graduated from the Erasmus University Medical School (Rotterdam) in 1987 after which he worked as a senior house officer in obstetrics and gynaecology in Southend-on-Sea and Rochford Hospitals, Essex, UK. Afterwards he worked as a doctor in the Eudokia Hospital in Rotterdam. In 1990 he joined the GMD (United Medical Service) in Dordrecht. In 1993 he started his training as a insurance physician which was completed in 1996. Since 1999 he works in Breda, currently for the department of Social Medical Affairs (SMZ) of the Dutch Workers Insurance Authority (UWV). This position is shared with activities at the EMGO+ institute ( Research Centre for Insurance Medicine- three days a week since may 2010.