Personal information

Lily  Claassens

Lily Claassens (researcher, MSc) is affiliated to the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, LASA.

From December 2010 until April 2015 she participated in a research project that was initiated within the scope of the NPO (the 'National Care for the Elderly Programme') in The Netherlands. Lily investigated the concept of perceived control in health care among frail older adults.

As older adults are increasingly encouraged by government policy to be self-reliant, it is relevant to gain more insights into the phenomenon of taking control of one's health and health care. Questions arise as to what degree control in care affects care use, perceived quality of care, and quality of life. 

Lily was involved in both qualitative and quantitative substudies in order to 1.) develop a conceptual model that summarises the constituting factors of perceived control in health care, according to frail older adults; 2.) develop and validate a measurement instrument for quantitative assessment of this concept; and 3.) to study how perceived control in care is related to perceived quality of care, quality of life, and socioeconomic status.