Personal information

Research interest 

In my current research I focus on the recognition of youth with mild to borderline intellectual disabilities in the field of Youth Care, Care for people with intellectual disabilities, the field of youth psychiatry and the Criminal Justice system. My research focuses on 1) determinants of behavior problems of children and adolescents with mild to borderline intellectual disabilities, specifically social information processing and executive fuctioning, 2) development of diagnostic instruments to measure social information processing, and 3) research on the effectiveness of interventions, to improve the care and treatment of these youth.



Received PhD in 2004 at Utrecht University, Faculty of Social Sciences. Dissertation 'Social Information Processing in Children with Mild Intellectual Disabilities'.

From 2005 to 2010 she was appointed at the Department of Developmental Psychology, Utrecht University, first as a post doctoral fellow, later as researcher and teacher.

From 2009 to 2011 she was appointed as Professor (lector) at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden (Hogeschool Leiden).  

In 2010 she was appointed at the Department of Clinical Child and Family Studies, at VU University Amsterdam, first as a senior researcher, now as assistant professor