Personal information

Eva  Bolt

Eva Bolt is a general practitioner and a postdoctoral researcher at the end-of-life care research group. She aims to improve palliative care in the community by performing research and participating in outreach activitities. Eva defended her PhD thesis 'perspectives on appropriate end-of-life care and hastening death on request ' on November 2nd, 2017. Her PhD focussed on end-of-life decisions which aim to hasten or postpone death, such as continuing and forgoing potentially life-prolonging treatment, physician-assisted death and voluntary stopping of eating and drinking.



Eva E. Bolt,

General practtioner, Weesp (2018-now)

Postodctoral researcher, Amsterdam UMC, VUmc (2018-now)



Medicine, at UvA Amsterdam, graduated in 2010

Master International Public Health, at VU Amsterdam, graduated in 2008


Previous working experience:

PhD candidate at the end-of-life care research group, VUmc, 2011-2017

Resident in family medicine, AMC, 2012-2018

Chairperson of AIOTHO-bestuur, 2014-2018

Volunteering physician at Kruispost, Amsterdam, 2010-2015

Resident in Internal Medicine, Tergooiziekenhuizen Hilversun, 2010-2011

Resident in Neurology, Terooiziekenhuizen Blaricum, 2010