Partnership Overweight Netherlands (PON):

The main goal of this partnership is a strong and coordinated approach of the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity in children and adults. This goal will be achieved by collaboration between patients, health insurance companies and organizations of health care providers that play an important role in the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity, like general practitioners, dieticians and psychologists.

At the Partnership Overweight Netherlands (PON) we work in collaboration with Youth On Healthy Weight (JOGG) to improve health care for children with obesity and their parents.

We aim to implement the 'Integrated health care standard for obesity management' (Zorgstandaard Obesitas) for children, through the project 'Care for Obesity' (chronic, coordinated care for children with obesity). The project runs until at least the end of 2015 and is funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.