An adaptation of the Hyperglycemia Prevention Training (HPT)


Management of type 1 diabetes requires a continual balancing of insulin, fuel intake, and metabolic demand (e.g., exercise). This can only be accomplished with knowledge of where one's blood glucose is and where it is going and knowledge of how to manipulate insulin, fuel, and exercise to manage it. The Hypoglykemie Preventie Training (HPT) is a psychoeducational intervention, based on the American Blood Glucose Awareness Training (BGAT) that in part addresses these needs. BGAT has been consistently demonstrated to improve the ability to detect and diminish both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia while reducing the sequelae of extreme blood glucose levels (e.g., episodes of severe hypoglycemia and driving mishaps).


The aim of this one-year project (made possible by Lifescan) is to edit the existing HPT into an updated version with an internet-based environment. The upportunities of the internet will transform the training in an easy to use, lighter version of the original. To evaluate its effectiveness there will be conducted a small pilot and evaluation. The end of the project is estimated around July 2012.