Personal information

Hannah  Leyerzapf

Hannah Leyerzapf (1983) studied cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam (2001-2007) and focused on identity politics, social and religious activism, empowerment and multiculturalism. She wrote her master thesis on empowerment of Muslim women with a Moroccan background in Rotterdam. She also did a part time study in Arabic language at Leiden University. Her first research experience was as a junior researcher with Dr. Ibrahim Yerden on the study ‘Huiselijk geweld onder Nederlandse Turken en Marokkanen’ (2006-2007).

Early on she developed a special interest in writing. During her studies she was editor and chief editor of Cul!, faculty magazine of anthropology at the UvA (2001-2004), and she later became editor with ZemZem magazine, ‘Tijdschrift over het Midden-Oosten, Noord-Afrika en islam’ (2011-2012).

Between 2007 and 2010 she worked as researcher at ISIM (International Institute for the study of islam in the modern world) in Leiden and the ASSR (Amsterdam School for Social science research) together with Prof. dr. Annelies Moors on ‘Islamic fashion in the Netherlands’. In this period she also did some freelance work as a trainer with women’s organisation and a project directed at social integration and creating linkages between youths in Rotterdam with different cultural and religious backgrounds (project Tiescast, stichting Vista).

Since 2010 she has been a member of Metamedica VUmc and concluded several research projects on client participation, joint decision making and empowerment in health care, elderly care and psychiatry, as well as on care ethics, diversity and interculturalisation in health care organisations. She is currently working on a project concerning pink elderly care.

Her PhD-project involves sensitivity for diversity within care and health care organisations, interculturalisation of academical medical centres, intersectionality of/within identity and diversity, and care ethics.