Personal information

Marjolein  Greuter

Marjolein Greuter studied Health Sciences (bachelor) at the VU University in Amsterdam (2007-2010). After graduation, she started with the research master Lifestyle and Chronic Disorders, also at the VU University (2010-2012). Marjolein completed her internship at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the VU University Medical Center. This internship concerned the construction of a disease model that describes the development of colorectal cancer from precursor lesions in the colon.

In 2012, she started as a PhD student at the VU University Medical Center. The project she works on, which is closely related to the topic of her internship, is the Adenoma and Serrated pathway to Colorectal CAncer (ASCCA) project. The goal of this project is to use micro-simulation to obtain model predictions of the health effects and costs of several population-based screening strategies for colorectal cancer. Of particular interest is the potential value of new molecular-based screening tests.

In 2016, Marjolein got the opportunity to continue her research on colorectal cancer screening as a Postdoc. She currently focuses on the potential of DNA tests.