Personal information

Hanneke  Merten

Hanneke Merten (1981) obtained her masters degree in cognitive psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam in 2005. Subsequently, she started working at NIVEL on various research projects on quality of health care and joined the 'Safety 4 Patients' research group in 2006. She initially participated in a study that focused on the root causes of incidents that occur in hospitals. 

In 2007 she started her PhD-study on patient safety and complex care. In this study, three different interventions (SBAR, patient safety card and bundles) were implemented with the aim to improve patient safety for older hip fracture patients. Hanneke started working for the EMGO Institute in 2010 and continued her PhD-study here. In addition, she evaluates the Home Sweet Home project of WonenPlus Noord-Holland, that aims to improve welfare for vulnerable older persons living at home. She is also supervising a project on effective regulation for care chains for vulnerable older persons living at home. Furthermore, she is teaching patient safety and regulation and organisation of health care.