Personal information

Josien  Schuurmans

Josien Schuurmans finished her PhD thesis on the treatment of late life anxiety disorders in 2006 at the department of Psychiatry of the Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre. The thesis describes the main results of the first RCT of CBT versus an SSRI for the treatment of late-life anxiety disorders. After her PhD training she was employed as an assistant Professor of Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit from 2005 to 2010 where she developed her skills as a scientist and teacher. She also served as first author and chair of a national taskforce who completed the first multidisciplinary guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of late life anxiety disorders in the Netherlands. From 2011 to 2013 Josien completed her training as a registered mental health psychologist at the department of older adults of GGZinGeest/VuMC.

She is currently employed as a senior researcher/clinician at the academic department and the department of older adults at GGZinGeest/VuMC.

Main focus: evidence-based treatment for mental health disorders in older adults.