Personal information

Laura  Hartman

My name is Laura Hartman, I have a M.A in Philosophy and I work as a researcher and lecturer at Metamedica Vumc. I facilitate moral case deliberations, group dialogues about moral dilemmas, in diverse health care settings: VU Medical Hospital, mental health care, elderly care and care for the disabled. In addition, I train facilitators of moral case deliberations and give lectures on medical ethics at the VU Medical Center.

My research focuses on the development of additional instruments based on moral case deliberations such as for instance a guideline or moral compass. Also, I am involved in a research project that aims to develop a network of ethics support and quality guidelines for ethics support.

My main interests are in the field of clinical ethics and empirical ethics, such as: practice, training and research of method and theory of moral deliberation; quality criteria for ethics support, training moral competence and consulting health care professionals and institutions.