Personal information

Mariëtte  Hoogsteder

Dr. Mariëtte Hoogsteder is senior at VU medical center / EMGO+, Department of Public and Occupational Health, section Child Health and Care Research.

She obtained her PhD in developmental and theoretical psychology (Utrecht University, 1995) and was post-doc on professional communication in youth care. She left university to focus on accessibility and quality of health care in relation to diversity and exclusion mechanisms. She was chief editor of a professional journal on Culture Migration and Health.

She has ample experience coordinating applied practice-based and policy-based projects in health care. Contributing to connecting science, practice and policy.

Since 2014, she is coordinator of the Academic Collaborative Center  Child and Youth Public Health (Academische Werkplaats Jeugd en Gezondheid). This ACC is a structural collaboration between VUmc and six Child Public Health organizations in North-Holland. See the website (in Dutch) AW Jeugd en Gezondheid