Personal information

Yang  Wang

My name is Yang Wang, from Beijing China, and I am currently working as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) under Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN) program, also a PhD candidate at the Section Audiology, Dept. of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and EMGO Institute.

I have a background in Electronical Engineering as I finished my undergraduate study from Beijing University of Post & Telecommunication. Then I finished my research master degree at University College London major in Speech, Language and Cognition.

From April 2014 until April 2017 I am conducting the following research:

"LISTening Effort in the European Population: a New innovative programme of research and training". An European Industrial Doctorate project collaboration between VUmc and OTICON-Eriksholm Research Center. This project is funded by EU, with project number: LISTEN 607373.

The major purpose of our study is to examine which current and new hearing aid technologies can successfully decrease listening effort required during speech perception. Specifically, the following questions are going to be answered in the end of our project:

  • What are the effects of hearing loss on speech intelligibility, the Peak Pupil Dilation response (PPD) and Pupil Light Reflex (PLR)? 
  • What is the relation between the PPD, PLR and (long-term) stress, fatigue, need for recovery from stress, and activities in daily life as assesed by questionnaires
  • What is the influence of different hearing aid technologies on speech perception and the PPD during listening?
  • What is the relation between verbal inference making, working memory, speech perception and the PPD and PLR?

As a group project in collaboration with Barbara Ohlenforst, we plan to divide some of the task mentioned above and I'm going to focus on research relavent to PLR.

My main supervisor is Prof. Sophia E. Kramer and my co-supervised by Dr. Adriana A. Zekveld, Dr. Graham Naylor and Adj. Prof. Thomas Lunner.