This is Yang Wang, PhD students at the Audiology section of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, which is part of the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research at the VU University medical centre in Amsterdam.

I currently enrolled in an EU Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate project based on the collaboration between VUmc Amsterdam and OTICON-Eriksholm Research Center in Denmark ( The project is called "LISTening Effort in the European Population: a New innovative program of research and training" or LISTEN607373.

Since March 2014 I started this project, we have made a huge progress. Personally I learnt a lot from this project and it is a great experience working together with my colleagues and the supervisory board. Following items have been done over the one and half year.

·         Acquire the background knowledge of Pupil Light Reflex, and design the test setup based on existing literatures.

·         Run PLR test on 41 participants, including 20 participants with hearing impairment, and 21 participants with normal hearing.

·         Finish writing the systematic review “Pupil Light Reflex and its possible connection to Hearing Impairment, from the perspective of Parasympathetic Nervous System: a systematic review”. The review article now is ready to be published.

·         Take training courses: Dutch Language course A1; Scientific Writing; Stress & cognition: from basic mechanisms to psychopathology; Entrepreneurship in Health and Life sciences; Introduction to Bayesian methods in Clinical Epidemiological Research; Missing Data: Consequences and Solutions

·         Plan to attend the 31st International Pupil Colloquium in September in Oxford, UK.

·         Prepare moving to Denmark for the next part of the study.