Personal information

Barbara  Groot-Sluijsmans

Barbara C. Groot (1981) studied Applied Communication Science at the Dutch University of Twente (1999-2004), focusing on health and marketing communication, sustainable development and minority groups. Barbara wrote her master thesis on community participation of Cape Verdean citizens in Rotterdam at the Dutch Verwey-Jonker Institute. She pursued part of her study in Australia (University of South Australia, gender and aboriginal studies) and did an internship in Surinam.

Between 2004 and 2007 Barbara worked in the healthcare system as communication adviser (the Rehabilitation Centre Amsterdam (RCA) and the Municipal Health Service (GGD)). In one of these positions she experienced patient participation in practice in her role as secretary of these organizations’ patient board and client complaint commission.

From 2007 - 2014 Barbara worked in qualitative market research as researcher/consultant (MarketResponse, Amersfoort) and research director (MARE Research, Amsterdam).

Since 2014 Barbara has been a member of Metamedica VUmc where she conducts a research project on the monitoring from a client perspective of a major transition in the Dutch healthcare system. This project, focusing on the city of Amsterdam, is the first research project of the Centre of Client Experiences Amsterdam (a foundation of VUmc and Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam). In this project the clients’ perspective is incorporated in all steps of the research process by including clients as active research partners. The project considers the research partner as a person with experiential knowledge who participates in all phases of the research and an equal member of the research team. The project started in April 2014 and will be completed in December 2014.