Personal information

Lisette van Leeuwen (1990) obtained her Bachelor's degree Health Sciences at VU University in Amsterdam in 2011. In 2013 she received her Master's degree in Lifestyle and Chronic Disorders (research master) also at VU University. Lisette completed her ten-month research internship at the Epidemiology and Biostatistics department of the VU University medical center (VUmc), and worked on two clinimetric studies. The aim of both studies was the validation of patient-reported outcome measures for patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

After her study, Lisette worked as a research assistant at the Ophthalmology department of the VUmc. She assisted on the projects of PhD candidates and senior researchers, and had an individual project that focused on the inventory of a survey method to assess the participation and rehabilitation needs of young adults with visual impairments.

Currently, Lisette is working as a PhD student at ENT/Audiology department of VUmc/EMGO+ Institute on the project “Development of an integrated ICF intake for Otology and Audiology".