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Roxanne  Schaakxs

After obtaining my bachelor's degree in Pedagogical Sciences and an academic master degree in Youth Studies (both at Utrecht University), I realised I wanted to become a researcher, so I enrolled in the research master Lifestyle & Chronic Disorders at the VU University. I spent my whole second year working as an intern at GGZ inGeest, studying the associations between depression, life stress and telomere length (accelerated cellular aging) in the Netherlands Study of Depression in Older Persons (NESDO) - quite a different population after having studied persons aged 18 or younger so far.

In September 2014, after completing my research master, I started working as a PhD-student at GGZ inGeest. I will hopefully be combining NESDA (Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety) and NESDO data in order to study aging-related changes in (the course of) depression.