The Netherlands Study on Depression in Older persons (NESDO) 
NESDO studies the determinants of the course of depression in older persons. In NESDO 375 depressive and 150 healthy persons of 60 years and older will be followed over a period of 4 years. Data will be collected on a broad range of determinants that might influence the course of depression, such as: biological factors, social and clinical determinants, life events, physical health, cognitive functioning and the use of health care. For this we established a research consortium including specialists and researchers within the field of old age psychiatry from the departments of psychiatry and general practice of four universities in the Netherlands, the VU University Medical Center, Leiden University Medical Center, University Medical Center Groningen and Unuversity Medical Center St. Radboud in Nijmegen and three mental health institutions: GGZinGeest in Amsterdam, GGNet in Apeldoorn and Zutphen and Parnassia in The Hague. More information about these institutions and the researchers involved can be found at . NESDO is financed by 'Stichting Nuts Ohra' and 'Stichting tot Steun VCVGZ', NARSAD The brain and behaviour research fund, and the partners of the consortium. 

NESDO collaborates with the NEtherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA, link), that examines depression in younger adults. This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to compare the course and its determinants in older persons with those in younger adults. 
The Longitudinal Aging Study
Amsterdam (LASA)
LASA is an ongoing prospective study on changes in well being and autonomy among older persons aged 55 to 85 years, in the
Netherlands. The data collection started in 1992/1993 among 3107 persons in three areas in the Netherlands. By now there are 5 follow-up measurements available. Hannie Comijs is especially involved in studies on cognitive decline, depression, anxiety and ADHD

Recent projects in LASA are: 
- Biomarkers and prediction models for cognitive decline. PhD student: Tessa van der Kommer
- Stress and cognition: Nicole Korten
- ADHD in the elderly: Marieke Michielse and Evert Semeijn