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Joline  Beulens

Joline WJ Beulens is Professor of Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Disease Epidemiology at the  department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics of Amsterdam UMC - location VUmc. She leads the group on 'Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Epidemiology'.

Joline obtained her Master in Human Nutrition (2001; cum laude) and PhD in Human Nutrition (2007) at Wageningen University. Her PhD research was focused on investigating the relation of alcohol consumption with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and was performed at TNO Quality of Life, Julius Center of the UMC Utrecht and Harvard School of Public Health, where she spent 8 months as a visiting scholar (2005).

After obtaining her PhD, she worked as postdoc (2007-2009) and assistant professor (2009-2015) at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, UMC Utrecht. Her research is focused on diet, intermediate markers and risk of cardiovascular disease with a specific focus on patients with type 2 diabetes. Supported by two personal grants from the Netherlands Heart Foundation, Dr Dekker junior (2008) and senior (2013) postdoc stipendia, she investigates the effect of vitamin K on vascular calcification and risk of cardiovascular disease using both randomized trials and observational studies. In 2012, she obtained the 'Rising Star' research fellowship from the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes.

In 2015, she was appointed Associate Professor of Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Epidemiology at VU Medical Center, where she continued her research on lifestyle, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. She is PI of the CVON Supreme Nudge consortium, that aims to investigate the effect of nudging, pricing and an e-health application on health behaviors and cardiometabolic risk in people with low socioeconomic position. In 2018, she received a ZonMw VIDI grant to investigate the role of medial calcification in heart failure in people with diabetes and the role of mineral metabolism therein.

She is member of the nutrition council of the Dutch Health Council. She is past president of the Dutch Academy of Nutritional Sciences (2016-2018) and editor of Diabetologia. She published over 190 peer-reviewed publications.