Lidewij  Henneman

Ongoing projects

The dynamics of reproductive genetic technologies: responsible innovation and assisting individuals’ decision-making. PhD researcher: Ivy van Dijke. Project supervisors: dr L. henneman, dr P. Lakeman, prof S. Repping, prof M.C. Cornel. Amsterdam Reproduction and Development PhD Scholarship AMC/VUMC. 2017-2021. see project

The PRESIDE project: Designing a theory-based measure for informed and deliberated choice for prenatal screening. PhD researcher: D.V. van den IJssel. Project supervisors: prof D.R.M. Timmermans & dr L. Henneman. 2015-2018. see project

TRIDENT study: Trial by Dutch Laboratories for Evaluation of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT). National NIPT Consortium. ZONMW 2014-2021. PhD researcher: Karuna van der Meij. Projectleader women's perspectives: dr. L. Henneman, see project

WGS-first approach: “one test fits all” whole genome sequencing to diagnose rare genetic disorders. PhD researcher: Olde Keizer RAC. Project supervisors: dr G Frederix, dr L Vissers, prof JK Ploos van Amstel, dr L Henneman. ZonMw PhD project. 2017-2021.

Communicating breast cancer risks: a genetic counsellor’s role in improving patient understanding to increase informed decision-making. Project leaders: prof D.R.M. Timmermans & dr L. Henneman & dr F.H. Menko (EMGO & Clinical Genetics, VUMC) KWF 2004-2012. see project

Previous projects

As co-promotor (co-supervisor):

"Genetically isolated populations - implications for genetic care". PhD researcher: I.B. Mathijssen. Project supervisors: prof E.J. Meijers-Heijboer, dr L. Henneman, dr M.C. van Maarle (University of Amsterdam, defence 4 april 2018). see thesis

"Implementing carrier screening in a changing landscape: perspectives of public and professional stakeholders". PhD researcher: K.C.A. Holtkamp. Promotor: prof MC Cornel; co-promotors: dr L. Henneman, dr P. Lakeman (Vrije Universiteit, defence Oct 19, 2017). see project

"Implementing Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT): Perspectives of patients and professionals". PhD researcher: R.V. van Schendel. Promotor: prof MC Cornel; co-promotors: dr L. Henneman, prof. E. Pajkrt (Vrije Universiteit, defence Dec 7, 2016). see project

"Addressing reproductive risk in consanguineous couples". PhD researcher: M.E. Teeuw; Promotor: prof M.C. Cornel & prof P. Heutink; co-promotors: dr L. Henneman & prof. L.P. ten Kate (Vrije Universiteit, defence April 28, 2015). see dissertation

“Retinoblastoma: molecular genetics and clinical consequences” PhD researcher: C.J. Dommering; Promotor: prof H. Meijers-Heijboer & prof A.C. Moll; co-promotor: dr L. Henneman (Vrije Universiteit, defence February 11, 2015). see dissertation

"Translating the dynamics of genetics into health care practice". PhD Investigator: T. Rigter. Promotor: prof M.C. Cornel; co-promotors: dr. L. Henneman & S.S. Weinreich (Vrije Universiteit, defence Oct 24, 2014). see dissertation   

"Training in genetics and genomics for primary care health workers". PhD Investigator: E.J.F. Houwink. Promotors: prof M.C. Cornel & prof GJ Dinant; co-promotor: prof C.P.M. van der Vleuten, dr L. Henneman (Vrije Universiteit, defence Dec 20, 2013). see dissertation

“Screening for anaemia and haemoglobinopathy before and during pregnancy" PhD investigator: SMPJ Jans. Promotors: prof A.L.M. Lagro-Janssen & prof M.C. Cornel; co-promotor: L. Henneman (Radboud UMC Nijmegen, defence Nov 14, 2012). see dissertation.

"Genetic susceptibility, family history information and disease prevention in public health: type 2 diabetes as an example". PhD Investigator: M. Wijdenes-Pijl; Promotor: prof D.R.M. Timmermans; co-promotor: dr. L. Henneman (Vrije Universiteit, defence April 28, 2012). see dissertation

“The Risky Self: how genetic risk information affects self-image and health behavior.”
PhD Investigator: L. Claassen; Promotors: prof D.R.M. Timmermans & prof T.M. Marteau; co-promotor: dr. L. Henneman (Vrije Universiteit, defence June 1, 2011) 
see also: dissertation

"Preconceptional carrier couple screening for cystic fibrosis and hemoglobinopathies. An ancestry-based offer in a multi-ethnic society". PhD Investigator: P. Lakeman; promotors: prof L.P. ten Kate & prof M.C. Cornel; co-promotor: dr L. Henneman (Vrije Universiteit, defence October 2, 2008)  see dissertation

“Knowledge of genetics relevant for medical practice among general practitioners and medical specialists”. PhD Investigator: M.J.H. Baars; promotors: prof L.P. ten Kate, prof A. Scherpbier; co-promotor: dr L. Henneman (Vrije Universiteit, defence May 25, 2007)

“Preconceptional cystic fibrosis carrier screening – opportunities for implementation”. PhD Investigator: F.A.M. Weijers-Poppelaars; promotors: prof L.P. ten Kate, Prof G. van der Wal; co-promotor: dr L. Henneman (Vrije Universiteit, defence January 14, 2004) 

As project advisor:
"Towards Best Practice Guidelines for Genetic Testing of Monogenetic Subtypes of Diabetes Mellitus", Post-doc investigator: S.S. Weinreich; Project leaders: L. Henneman & M.C. Cornel. CSG 2011-2013. see project .

"EuroGenTest: Best Practice Guidelines for Clinical Genetic Services", PhD investigator: T Rigter. Project leaders: M.C. Cornel, U Kristofferson (Sw). EU FP7 2011-2013. see project

"The governance of preventive genomics”. Post doc investigator: E. Vermeulen; Project leaders: M.C. Cornel; project advisors: C.G van El, L. Henneman. CSG 2009-2011. see project

As post-doc:
"Public experiences, knowledge and expectations about medical genetics and the use of genetic information". Investigator: dr L. Henneman; project leader: dr D.R.M. Timmermans (EMGO, VUMC) 2003-2004

"Evaluation of a national meningococcal C vaccination campaign in the Netherlands"
Investigator: dr L. Henneman; project leader: dr D.R.M. Timmermans (EMGO, VUMC) 2002

Own PhD project (dissertation)
“Preconceptional cystic fibrosis carrier screening – desirability and feasibility in the Netherlands”. PhD Investigator: L. Henneman; promotors: prof L.P. ten Kate, prof H.M. van der Ploeg. ZonMw (Vrije Universiteit, defence June 19, 2002)