Personal information


Miriam van Loon graduated in 2012 from the Bachelor Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. At the same university, she graduated in 2013 from the Masters programme 'Medical Sociology and Anthropology' with a Master's thesis about frequent attenders of the general practitioner.

In 2015, she graduated at VU University in Amsterdam from the 2-year Master's programme in Philosophy, Bioethics and Health, on her thesis 'Justice and Health Care. Applying Political Philosophy to Resource Allocation', supervised by prof Widdershoven and prof Van Hees. 


In July 2014, Miriam started working as a PhD-student at the Department of Medical Humanities (Metamedica). She is involved in the ASCOT-NL project, a project about Quality of Life for older adults living in their own home. The goal of ASCOT-NL is the development of a measurement that captures what is important, based on the Capability Approach. This QoL measure will then be used to guide resource allocation in this sector. The project is a collaboration between different disciplines; philosopical reflection, empirical research (mixed methods) and epidemiological research are combined in order to develop a sound instrument.


During her PhD, Miriam also teaches medical ethics to medical students at the VU University medical centre.


- September 2014 Cursus Ethiek en Gezondheidszorg - Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte

- September 2014 Cursus Morello - VUmc Academie 

- April 2015 Cursus Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics - Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte