Personal information

Edwin de Raaij

Illness Perceptions in patient centred physiotherapy


I am a physiotherapist specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain disorders. My main area of interest is maladapted Illness Perceptions (IPs) of patients experiencing lower back pain.

Illness perceptions (IPs), or patients’ personal thoughts about the symptoms they experience can be seen as one of the psycho- social factors by which variance in physical functioning in patients can be explained. Illness perceptions are well recognized as a target for treatment. Most of the research on IPs is done within the medical setting like a hospital. Not much is known about IPs in patient with low back pain.

The objectives of my study are:

  • the psychometrics of the Brief Illness Perceptions Questionaire Durch Language Version
  • the prevalence of Illness Perceptions and associations with physical functioning
  • the change of patient maladapted Illness Peceptions by physiotherapists

Prof. dr. Raymond Ostelo is my promotor.