Personal information

Kirsten Evenblij (1992) started working at the EMGO institute for health and care research within the department of Public and Occupational Health in September 2015. She is working as a PhD student on the Third Evaluation of the Dutch Euthanasia Law.

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Before working at the EMGO+ institute, Kirsten studied Health Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam. In 2013 she received her bachelor's degree. Subsequently, she studied the research master's programme Global Health at the VU University Amsterdam where she received her Master's degree in 2015. She completed her master thesis 'The needs of nurses in palliative care for psychiatric patients with a chronic physical condition or of old age. A mixed-method study' at the department of Medical Humanities and department of Public and Occupational Health of the VU Medical Center. During her studies, Kirsten worked as student assistant for the department of Medical Humanities at the VU medical Center where she was responsible for several organizational and research related tasks.