Personal information

Carisha Thesing graduated from the master program Clinical Psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam in 2013. She completed a clinical internship and a scientific internship during this master program at the Ouderenpoli of GGZ inGeest. Her thesis was named “Family History and Environmental Aspects of Bipolar Disorder: The Relationship with Age at Onset”. After her clinical internship she started working at GGZ inGeest as a psychologist and she also decided to study Clinical Neuropsychology at the VU University of Amsterdam. For this master program she completed all the required courses and a clinical internship at the Kennemer Gasthuis in Haarlem (no scientific internship). During this period she was co-author for an article named “BDNF serum levels are not related to cognitive functioning in older depressed patients and controls” which was published in the journal International Psychogeriatrics. Shortly after she rewrote her thesis and published her first article as head author in the Journal of Affective Disorders named: “Childhood abuse, family history and stressors in older patients with bipolar disorder in relation to age at onset”.  In November 2016 she started working as a PhD student at the European MooDFOOD project and NESDA study (Dutch Study about Depression and Anxiety).