Hannah van Scheepen is working as junior researcher at the department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, section Ear & Hearing of VU University Medical Centre (VUmc) Amsterdam and EMGO+ Institute. She will be working on a 2-year personal EMGO ReVanche project: "The Pupil Response and Individual Listening Load (PuPILL): Towards the development of a clinically applicable measure of cognitive processing load in daily life hearing". The study focusses on the validation of pupillometric research to study processing load during listening.

Team members for this project are:

Ear & Hearing Research group VUmc: Adriana Zekveld, Sophia Kramer, Hans van Beek and Niek Versfeld.
Clinical Chemistry VUmc: Charlotte Teunissen
Erasmus MC: Liesbeth van Rossum

Subjects wanted / Deelnemers gezocht:

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