Personal information

Manou  Anselma

I work as a PhD student at the Department of Occupational and Public Health of the EMGO+ Institute of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Our project is part of the theme group 'Youth and Lifestyle'. 

I  started my bachelor's degree in Human Movement Sciences at the VU Amsterdam in 2009. During my bachelor's I discovered that I was more interested in Public Health and I chose to do a minor in Biomedical and Health Interventions. This prepared me for the research master Global Health at the Athena Instutitute at the VU, which I started in 2012. 

During my masters programme I focused my two internships on sports and youth development, the first in South Africa and the second in India. As the second was a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project, it gave me valuable experiences that I can use for the 'PARtners aan Zet'-project I am working on now.

'PARtners aan Zet' is a PAR project we are conducting together with Kids Aktief, which is a sports-based after school day care for kids. Together with children (9-12 years) in de Banne in Amsterdam North, we are going to develop activities to improve their lifestyle. Overweight and obesity in children is a complex problem and difficult to tackle especially in communities with a low socio-economic-status as the Banne. As children are the main experts of their own lives and interests, involving them as co-researchers can produce new insights, more ownership, empowerment, succesful interventions and in the end healthy children.