Personal information

Willeke  Norder

I currently work as a PhD candidate at the Department of Midwifery Science at the  AVAG (Academie Verloskunde Amsterdam, Groningen)/EMGO institute. My research focuses on the experiences of women with pregnancy and childbirth in the Netherlands. These experiences are collected through qualitative narrative interviews, following a methodology as developed by the Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford. A selection of the interviews - in written, video, or audio format - are published on an online platform as information resource for other (pregnant) women and their families.

My bachelor consisted of a major in biomedical sciences and a minor in Latin American studies. Finishing my bachelor's degree at a liberal arts and sciences college, I decided to continue studying the intersection of social sciences and health. I therefore started the research master Global Health at the VU in 2012. During my studies I had the opportunity to conduct anthropological research in public health in Bolivia, South Africa and Peru. Particular research topics included health promotion, religion and HIV/AIDS, and inclusive education for children with cleft lip/palate. After obtaining my master's degree I continued working on religion and HIV/AIDS in South Africa as a junior researcher until 2016. 

Research interests
Qualitative research, life narratives, medical anthropology, sexuality and gender, religion and complementary medicine, health behaviour.