I. Ongoing projects (defendant, title):

  1. Sitnikova E. Cognitive behavourial treatment for undifferentiated somatoform disorder.
  2. Eric de Heer. Efficacy of Transmural Collaborative Care with Consultation Letter and Duloxetine for Major Depressive Disorder and (sub)chronic Pain in Primary Care: A Randomised Placebo-controlled Multi-centre Trial. (WC2007-069)
  3. Pim van den Dungen. CoMPaS: Collaborative dementia care, Strengthening and evaluation of early transitions (WC2008-062).
  4. Ilse van Beljouw. Lust for life: better access to cure and care for depressed elderly (WC2009-089)
  5. Karolien Biesheuvel-Leliefeld. The effects and costs of preventive cognitive therapy plus usual care for remitted primary care patients with major depression versus usual care. (WC2009-080)
  6. Susan van Dijk. Stepped care to prevent depression in patients with diabetes mellitus type II and cardiovascular morbidity.
  7. Lidy Pols. Stepped care to prevent depression in patients with diabetes mellitus type II and cardiovascular morbidity.
  8. Elisa de Koning. Vitamin D, physical exercise and depression.
  9. Jonna van Eck van der Sluijs. Costeffectiveness of transmural collaborative stepped care with consultation letter (TCCCL) compared to care as usual (CAU) for concomitant physical symptoms in common mental disorders. A randomized clinical trial.

II. Past projects, defendant and PhD thesis:

  1. Dick Bijl. Enhanced care for major depression in older adults. 
  2. Koen van der Kooij. Exploring pathophysiologic and behavioural pathways in the link between depression and cardiovascular disease
  3. Anneke van Schaik. Interpersonal therapy for older adults with major depression in general practice
  4. Ernst Bohlmeijer. Life review and reminiscence for older adults with major depression 
  5. Ingrid Bakker. Minimal intervention for psychological distress carried out in general practice; a pragmatic randomised controlled trial: 
  6. Els Licht-Strunk. Prognosis of minor and major depression in older primary-care patients. The West Friesland Study
  7. Bettine Schreuders. Problem-solving therapy (PST) provided by nurses for emotional disorders in primary care: 
  8. Marcel Reinders. Patient feedback as a learning tool for general practitioner trainees
  9. Els Dozeman. Prevention of anxiety and depression in homes for the elderly: a stepped care approach (WC2005-005)
  10. Karlijn Joling. Family Meetings in Memory Clinics: Prevention of psychological morbidity among primary informal caregivers of demented patients (WC2006-007) 
  11. Adrie Seldenrijk, Does stress cause artherosclerosis? Which pathways determine cardiovascular problems for patients with stress (NESDA-VAAT study) (WC2005-096)
  12. Wieke Seekles. Stepped Care for depression and anxiety: from primary to secondary care (WC2005-092
  13. Klaas Huijbregts. Collaborative care for depression. The Depression Initiative.
  14. Anna Muntingh. Cost-effectiveness of a collaborative stepped care intervention for anxiety disorders in primary care: a randomised controlled trial. (WC2006-072)
  15. Marloes Gerrits. Somatic co-morbidity and the prognosis of depression and anxiety.

III. Infrastructure: